Dear friends,

The 2nd National Conference on Migration (NCoM) took place in Kathmandu on 27-28 September 2016 and it was a great success! I want to thank all the distinguished guests, organizers, presenters, session chairs, moderators, volunteers, and participants for all of your invaluable contributions. I am confident that the successes and outcomes of the Conference will pave the way for more effective advocacy in the future, as we all seek the respect, protection, and fulfilment of the rights of Nepalese Migrant Workers.

NCoM was born out of a desire to bring a diversity of voices throughout Nepal into a common forum to discuss current issues related to labour migration, and have our frameworks challenged and expanded. During this conference we had migration experts with specializations in policy, research, health, agriculture, and environment pass on their knowledge and experience. For a greater look at the topics covered, please see the Conference’s Program Schedule.

The Conference resulted in the Kathmandu Declaration 2016 which was signed by all participants and organizers, and lists a series of recommendations that will inform the work related to making migration safer and more productive going forward. The Declaration, currently being finalized, will be posted here in the coming days.

Also, the National Conference on Migration 2016 Compendium is being compiled, which will include many of the papers that were presented during the Conference by the various presenters. This will be posted here in November 2016.

Of course, we know that the success of the conference was not free of flaws. We would be happy to receive your feedback that we will use to make the 3rd National Conference on Migration that much better. You can send this to

Thanks to each of you once again for your lively participation and invaluable inputs to make this Conference a great success.

On behalf of our organizers,

Nilambar Badal & Ganga Devi Gurung

2nd National Conference on Migration