Conference Themes

Thematic Areas to be covered:

  1. Making Policy Work: Developing a System that Supports Safe Migration & Prevents Trafficking
    • Review of the Foreign Employment Act and other policies and guidelines
    • Labour diplomacy regarding bilateral and multi-lateral frameworks for labour migration
    • Strengthening of consular services for migrant workers
    • Decentralization of the DoFE in line with federal structure and the administrative reforms of other line Ministries involved in migration issues
  2. Unforeseen Costs: The Financial and Social Challenges of Foreign Employment
    • Recruitment costs and other challenges in the migration process
    • Attempts in reducing the cost of migration (‘free-visa free-ticket policy’ provisions and the actual status)
    • Situation of the families left behind – psychosocial impacts, education of children etc.
    • Stigmatization of women migrant workers
  3. Correcting Inequalities: Protecting Female Migrants
    • Promoting safety and dignity of the domestic workers
    • Intervention for mitigating psychosocial impacts of distressed returnee migrants and their families
    • Aspirant women migrant workers’ vulnerability to trafficking
    • Implementation of standard terms of employment for migrant domestic workers
  4. Labour Rights as Human Rights: Facilitating Access to Skills, Education, Health Care, and Justice
    • Improving access to information on safe migration through up-scaling MRC services
    • Equipping migrants with skills for better paying jobs
    • Improving migrants access to essential health services
    • Access to justice: increasing effectiveness of grievance redress mechanisms at home and abroad
  5. Back Home: How Labour Migration can Fuel Community Development
    • Safe and cost effective remittance transfers
    • Harnessing remittances for local economic development
    • Reintegration of the returnees: a need for dedicated policy and programs
    • Nepali Diaspora and their engagement with Nepal